Photo by: Alistair Berg

Alistair Berg

Post-Quarantine: Your Dog’s New Normal

Looking to combat separation anxiety between you and your pets as life returns back to normal? Check out “Your Dog’s New Normal” on DOGTV June 12, starting at 4P ET!

June 10, 2021

The silver lining of the pandemic for many has been the time spent with their pets at home. Many of our furry friends got used to their parents being home all day during quarantine. As the world prepares to go back to normal, dog parents will have to readjust to leaving their pets at home. Experts say to plan ahead for pet separation anxiety.

DOGTV is here to help, and our very own PUPPY BOWL referee Dan Schachner is a part of it!

Saturday, June 12, join Animal Planet and DOGTV for “Your Dog’s New Normal,” at 4PM ET. This free event aims to bring the dog-loving community together to help navigate your dog’s new normal.

Tune in to learn more about how to prepare your dog for a post-pandemic world.

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DOGTV is a channel scientifically designed for dogs and the people who love them. It features research-led, expert-approved, and scientifically designed content to suit the way your dog perceives the world. At the touch of a button, you can fill your dog’s day with colors they can see sounds they can hear, and sights they enjoy.

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