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Photo by: Bogdan Kurylo

Bogdan Kurylo

Go Green for the Holidays

By: Discovery

This year going green for the holidays is easier than ever with these simple tips.

November 24, 2020

Buy Local



A farmers market in operation during Covid-19. Farmers behind their produce tables at a farmers market.

Photo by: Fertnig


Find a local farm or farm stand that can be your supplier for all things holiday. Whether its the pumpkins for your pie or the green beans for your casserole, local is always greener. The less traveling you and your food does, the better for the environment.

No Scraps



Growing herbs on a windowsill in the kitchen

Photo by: ©Daniela White Images

©Daniela White Images

Food scraps are tossed by the pound on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Use every last bone and veggie scrap to make a hearty stock or start your own veggie scrap garden with the ends of a head of celery or seeds from pumpkins.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

By using reusable storage containers and servingware, less waste ends up in the landfill.

Nature | Have An Eco-Friendly Holiday 01:08

Find out how you can have a great, green household gathering for the holidays this year.

Decor for Days



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Photo by: Linda Raymond

Linda Raymond

Use potted plants and flowers and pumpkins for decoration, which live long past the day of celebration. And there are so many things to do with pumpkins after they are done decorating!

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