Puppy Bowl XVIII

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For the first time in Puppy Bowl history, there will be 23 exclusive Puppy Bowl NFTs released weekly leading up to the game on Feb. 13. The NFTs will be hosted by Chronicle, an NFT studio and marketplace.

Each drop will feature unique and pawsitively adorable trading cards varying in price and rarity, and a portion of the proceeds from all the sales will benefit Orange Twins Rescue, an animal rescue organization founded by brothers Scott and Brian Nicholson, and singer Ariana Grande. Check back here for the latest updates!


NFT Drop Schedule

Free Common Drop
1/10 Sold Out
Common Drop
Rare Drops
1/17 - 1/27
Legendary Drop
Immortal Drop
Immortal Drop

Free Common Cards

It’s time to Raise the Woof as we kick off the road to Puppy Bowl!
This NFT is pawsome and FREE!

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Common Cards

Captains Moby and Dinozzo are repping Team Fluff and Team Ruff!
Who will come out on top in this year’s game?!

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Rare Cards

Here’s your chance to own the adorable pups in the starting line-up! If you collect all eight from Team Ruff or Team Fluff, there’s an additional bonus card you can unlock.

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